How Executive Functioning Coaching Helped Imani

An Intake Meeting Provides a Roadmap: 

EF coach met with Imani and her mother both individually and together. After a review of relevant material, the intake specialist identified Imani's executive function challenges and made a plan for her coaching support.

Goals and Priorities: 

Once the family agreed on, based on Imani’s identified challenges, the need for independence and priorities include:

  • Developing emotion regulation around homework.

  • Learning to plan, prioritize and organize for assignments and test preparation.

  • Improving metacognition for problem-solving and self-advocacy.

  • Developing more sustained attention for reading comprehension.

Established Means of Support: 

Imani is scheduled to meet with her coach twice a week. After further discussion with her parents, all parties agreed that it would be a great idea for Imani's coach to connect with her teachers as well. 

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