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We provide executive functioning, social-emotional learning, and academic support services. Utilizing evidence-based curriculums, we focus on teaching students to master skills such as organization, planning, prioritizing, self-monitoring, goal setting, and time management.  We use one-on-one, individualized sessions, which can range from 1 to 4 hours per week. 


Our goal for students is to acquire new skills to successfully recognize and know how to navigate future socio-emotional, executive functioning, and academic challenges over time. 

We work with a broad range of students, ranging in age and ability level. Our typical student is between the ages of 12-25.

Sessions Include

  • Assisting students with creating systems for organizing class content and course expectations

  • Assisting students in advocating for appropriate accommodations 

  •  Teaching students how to break down large, complex assignments into smaller and more manageable tasks.

  • Increase studying skills​

  • Plus much more!

Executive functioning
  • Planning/Prioritization

  • Organizing

  • Time Management

  • Metacognition

  • Goal Setting

Social Emotional Learning
  • Self-Awareness. 

  • Self-Management. 

  • Relationship Skills

  • Social Awareness

  • Improve Confidence

IEP / 504 Plan Supports​
  • Virtually support families in IEP meetings

  • Collaborate with teachers/ stakeholders

  • Develop techniques to communicate​

  • Assist with program modification​

  • Provide resources for families

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