Our Philosophy 
At Acquired Learning Solutions, we partner with students and families to equip learners with the knowledge, tools, and modern resources necessary for them to lead joyful, independent, and productive lives. Our work is rooted in a growth-mindset framework and approached with the following core values: 
We work with students to help them identify their passions and
purpose. We engage with students as the central actors capable
of shaping their success.
We encourage self-efficacy and empower learners to recognize their full potential by acquiring new knowledge and awareness.
We encourage and nurture curiosity and creativity. We encourage students to live out the full range of their imagination, their inquiry, desire to play, and honor the genius within. 
We work alongside students as they create and implement a Personalized Growth and Success Plan designed to cultivate and strengthen Core Habits.
Learners with the knowledge, tools and resources
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